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OrangeWit Consulting is a startup founded by 2 young and energetic electrical engineers from Nagpur, India. One with techno-functional business experience and other with strong technical background, they have teamed together to transform the way in which industrial data is utilized today. Their passion for data and enthusiasm to work in industrial process & automation control industry has paved the way for establishment of the company.

OrangeWit Consulting has Solution Oriented Approach, a unique approach that puts business needs of industry at the top priority and provides solutions to satisfy them. This provides us an edge over competition and lands us more opportunities to work with them. To our customers, we provide the most important information that will help them take better decisions. We ensure that they are benefitted in more ways than one by getting associated with us.

To achieve this we have developed OrangeWit Analytics Platform. OrangeWit Analytics Platform is a SCADA Application combined with Analytics Platform. OrangeWit Analytics Platform is capable of acquiring data from various OPC-UA & Modbus devices, process it and provide analytics, trends, dashboards & alarms in real-time. It also provides the facility to generate reports in graphical & tabular format. The platform is completely customizable and is instrumental in promoting Solution Oriented Approach.

Our Team


Co-Founder & CEO

Mandar, already an entrepreneur, has more than 13 years of experience. An electrical engineer, he has spent early years of career on shop floor. He is now rediscovering his passion to work in industrial environments.

Mandar is a certified Digital Marketeer and heads his Digital Marketing Company called OrangeWit Digitl. He enjoys travelling, cooking & reading. He loves playing Bridge during free time.


Co-Founder & CTO

Kaustubh is an electrical engineer from RTM Nagpur University. He started his career as an Android developer and has gained strong technical experience on various technologies. This is his first attempt at entrepreneurship, Kaustubh is single handedly responsible for developing OrangeWit Analytics Platform.

He loves music and food. He enjoys travelling and jungle photography.

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305, Universal Majestic, New Sneha Nagar
Nagpur, Maharashtra
INDIA - 440015

Chicago, Illinois


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