OrangeWit Analytics Platform

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OrangeWit Analytics Platform

OrangeWit Consulting offers OrangeWit Analytics Platform. OrangeWit Analytics Platform is SCADA combined with analytics platform. SCADA provides the source of data where-as analytics platform provides the meaningful insights and actionable information from the data acquired by SCADA. OrangeWit Analytics Platform is developed by OrangeWit Consulting by using open source MEAN Stack. Node.JS is the programming language while Mongo DB is used as database.

The SCADA application is developed on the basis of OPC-UA specifications. It has compatibility with OPC-UA & Modbus devices and can acquire data in small intervals as fast as few milliseconds.

The fully customizable analytics platform is capable of providing real-time trends, dashboards & notifications. It can also generate various reports in tabular & graphical format. It is tailored to generate analytics according to the needs of a business in order to achieve objectives defined in The Solution.


At OrangeWit, we know that every business is different and so are the challenges faced by them.

Therefore, we understand that a generic software cannot provie solutions for unique business needs. We go to lengths to understand your challenges and provide a unique solution to satisfy your business needs

  • Better Value for Money
  • Faster Results
  • Faster ROI
  • Better Control
Unique Solution
Minimum Infrastructure

OrangeWit Analytics Platform is built using open source technologies like Node.js and MongoDB

This facilitates the use of minimum hardware, in most cases existing hardware setup to install and use our SCADA Platform

  • No Heavy-duty Servers
  • No Proprietary Software like MS-SQL
  • No Server OS required
  • No Leased Line
  • No Dedicated IP

OrangeWit Analytics Platform is an unique application that brinfs enterprise data and industrial data on same platform.

This provides flexibility to analuyse production data along with the data generated by enterprose applications like EROP, CRM. Etc.

  • Better Quality Management
  • Saves Time
  • Better Utilization of Available Data
  • Better ROI
  • Better Value for Money
Integrate Enterprise Data
Unified Application

OrangeWit Analytics Platform is based on OPC-UA specifications.

This feature provides the facility to let go the traditional OPC DA, HDA, Reports and A&E approach. Our platform brings all these services on a single platform.

  • No Need to Buy 3 Different Applications
  • Reduced Hardware Requirement
  • Reduced Initial Cost
  • Ease of Use

In an industry, sensors and devices of various make are often implemented for process control & automation.

OrangeWit Analytics Platform is a OPC-UA based SCADA Application that acquires data in milliseconds and convert it into meaningful and useful information.

  • Connect OPC-UA devices
  • Connect Modbus devices
  • Real-Time trends & analytics
  • Real-Time alerts & notifications
Real Time Monitoring

Never miss an important event even when not in front of your computer.

OrangeWit Analytics Platform integrates various means to alert users in real time.

  • Email, SMS & Mobile Notifications
  • Instant Information for better control

Our platform curbs the model of traditional SCADA systems.

We walk away from the approach of limiting the use of application with number of users or devices or parameters.

  • Unlimited Tags
  • Unlimited Users
  • Reduced Licensing Costs
  • Ease of Access

Our Platform is one of a kind application that performs equally well on all operating system viz. Windows, Linux, Mac OS

This unique feature provides a freedom to monitor and analyse data on platforms preferred by customers.

  • Easy Installation
  • Easy Configuration
  • Easy Access
  • Ease of Use

To enable data driven decision making, OrangeWit Analytics Platform provides analytics and dashboards on web, mobile and desktops.

This provides flexibility to access and utilize the information anywhere anytime

  • Better Field Control
  • Better Remote Monitoring
  • On the Go Insights

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