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At OrangeWit Consulting we value the importance of data. We believe that the data, when used well, is a source of solutions for many challenges faced by industry. Many a times, it is seen that industry fails to leverage the power of data and struggles at various levels. The reasons behind this can be many. Most significant of them are

OrangeWit Consulting has developed a unique Solution Oriented Approach. As every business is different, our approach is to develop unique working solutions for every individual business. Each solution, provided by OrangeWit Consulting, is different and targets industry related specific challenges.

THE SOLUTION is a one of its kind approach that includes understanding the problems faced by industry and providing data based ways to solve them.

THE SOLUTION is an end to end service that starts with OPC-UA based Data Acquisition and goes up to deriving meaningful information from it.

THE SOLUTION is an Analytics Application that is customized to provide valuable insights of various processes in industry.

THE SOLUTION is finding working ways to address the business needs like

  • Increasing productivity
  • Increasing profitability
  • Improving Quality
  • Reducing Losses
  • Improving Process Control
  • Enabling Data Driven Decisions

Our Process

  • Step One

    Understand the Problem

    We work closely with our customers to understand the problem and its effects on their business. The process begins with this as it provides the working basis as we learn what is to be achieved.

  • Step Two

    Propose The Solution

    In this step we analyze the requirements and develop a workable solution for our customers. This is an essential step as it sets the expectations

  • Step Three

    Data Acquisition

    A home grown SCADA Application that can connect with OPC-UA & Modbus devices is installed and configured. In this step data is acquired and stored in database for further use.

  • Step Four

    Data Utilization

    This step involves developing customized dashboards, analytics and graphical & tabular reports. This is the most important step as the solution proposed in Step 2 is actually delivered during this phase.

  • Step Five

    Measuring the Impact

    We don’t just stop at delivering the solution; we go all the way to measure its impact on customers’ business. This is the most critical phase as it tracks the success of our solution against the requirements set in Step 1.

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